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Koobesh Machine Inclined Screens                   

Inclined Screens Proving their exceptional reliability and high productivity in the toughest industrial environments KMGIND inclined vibrating screens have become the world standard in bulk materials processing.

Designed for long life and low maintenance the unique Vibrex vibrator is the perfect partner, for inclined screens up to 2.7m in width.

Inclined Screens in excess of 2.7m use the revolutionary Quad-V vibrator, ensuring high performance and low maintenance long after installation.

The standard range of inclined screens, ranges from 1.25 x 3.0m  3.0 x 9.6m and is available in single and multi-deck arrangements. Bespoke machines are also available to suit specific needs.

KMGIND inclined screens are at the cutting edge of design, durability and performance and operate in the toughest environments throughout the world.


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Spiral Screen

Vibrating screen


Each stage of crushing produces progressively smaller sized stones. In order to produce a usable end-product, the crushed rock has to be screened into various size categories. Crushed and screened rock is called aggregate. Screening is carried out at various stages in the crushing process. Screens are basically box frames into which sheets of screen meshes of the required apertures are inserted, clamped and tensioned. Screens are usually "multi-deck", i.e., two or more screen meshes are stacked vertically within the screen frame. The whole screen is coupled to its support frame by springs or resilient rubber mountings. Screens are made to vibrate by a rotating transverse shaft. The shaft is machined to be unbalanced, and when driven by an electric motor by v-belts, the required vibratory motion to agitate the aggregate is imparted. Screen decks are mounted at an angle so that the aggregate moves down them. Aggregate is fed onto the high end of the top deck and the vibration causes the aggregate to jiggle down the screen until it either drops through a mesh aperture or falls off the end of a deck. The aggregate is then sorted or 'screened' according to the mesh sizes fitted, from large aperture mesh at the top, to small aperture mesh at the bottom.

High Energy Screens

KMG high energy screens have been developed to provide the solution to problematic material processing. Many difficult applications including high moisture content, high clay content, scalping rejects, fine wet sands, and low density are dealt with efficiently.

Operating at a higher G-force the KMG  high energy screen imparts more energy into the material. With a combination of materials such as stone and clay; one solid and the other in a transitional state; the energy is mainly absorbed by the clay and it separates from High Energy Screens the stone by dispersion.

High Energy Screens range from 1.25 x 3.0m - 3.0 x 9.6m and are available in single and multi-deck arrangements. Bespoke machines are also available to suit specific needs.





Incline Vibrating Screen Sizing of products is carried out by screening machines following a simple concept, vibration being generated to separate coarse from fine materials, the material split being dependant upon the screen mesh size.

kobesh machine*s single shaft screens are the result of continual development over many years. They are efficient, tough, perfectly balanced and designed with low operating costs in mind.
They can be used as primary screens, for pre-crushing selection and for final grading of finished product. The screening motion is circular, enabling rapid separation, thus giving high efficiency. The screen is inclined, taking advantage of gravity assistance to the screening action.

Two and three deck units, with and without washing equipment are available in sizes ranging from 3x1.5m to 6x2m. These screens offer you the highest level of durability, efficiency and cost effectiveness.


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